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Return Policy

Responsibility for Your Satisfaction

We think that flexibility and support are very significant to online purchases. So Jisale wishes to and try to create a satisfying and enjoyable online shopping experience for every customer.

We put forward our policies according to the customer’s needs and focus on the best character of our merchandise.

If you have any questions about Return Policy, please do not hesitate to visit our Contact Us page for further customer service.

Conventional Return Policy

1. We DO NOT Refund unconditionally. You need to provide the pictures as evidence to prove the problems as detailed as possible and we have taken photos of products before delivery to avoid fraud. 
2. Our Customer Service will initiate the return process within 14 days upon receiving your item(s). 
3. We only accept products in their original condition. And you can only return the product to us after our permission. If you wish to return any or all parts of your order, you will need to contact customer service at Contact Us and obtain a "Product Return" form that must be included with your package. Any returns without our approval can not get any refunds nor exchanges. 
4. For mis-shipped products. Once we have confirmed your mis-shipped item (item shipped was not item ordered), we will be responsible for item exchange. Please help us send the product to the correct person and we will pay the shipping fee. We will really appreciate your help. 
5. Color Errors: If the color of the item received is not what you ordered, then you are qualified to get a full refund with return the products. 

Please note that we will not accept any returned items by the color difference which is caused by your display monitor or the weather condition.

Order Cancellations

The good news if that after placing your order, you can still change your mind before you confirm your order. For further details, please refer to our cancellation policy below.

Order Cancellations Policy

1. If you want to cancel order within 12 hours after payment confirmed, you can get a full refund. 
2. If you want to cancel order 1 day after payment confirmed, you can get a partial refund consisting of the full shipping cost and 80 percent of the product purchase price. 
3. If you want to cancel order 2 days after payment confirmed, you can get a partial refund consisting of the full shipping cost and 60 percent of the product purchase price. 
4. If you want to cancel order after 2 days after payment confirmed, there is no way. Your order CANNOT be cancelled any more. We can only refund the fully shipping cost. 
5. If your order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled.

Actions Products Time Frames Amount Refunded
Product Price Shipping Cost
Cancellation Customized Products  within 12 hours of order confirmation Full Refund
within 24 hours of order confirmation 70% 100%
within 48 hours of order confirmation 50% 100%
Standard Products  within 12 hours of order confirmation Full Refund
within 24 hours of order confirmation 80% 100%
within 48 hours of order confirmation 60% 100%

Note: After 2 days of payment confirmed, your order can NOT be cancelled any more. We can only refund the full shipping cost!

If you would like to cancel your order, please click Contact Us to proceed.

Return Policy for Replacement and Refund

Your satisfaction is our long-term pursuit and upmost concern. Please open and check the products as soon as you receive the package. Try your products and if it does not fit or made wrong color, please contact us within 14 days upon receiving your item(s)  without removing the tags, altering or use it.

Please use post mail instead of express delivery to return the items to save your shipping cost and avoid tax in our side.

For the items you want to return and apply for a refund, please upload some related persuasive pictures or video as proof to us within 14 days. And only after we clarify and give you permission, can you send the item back to us while the customer service representative will inform you the shipping cost. Then, we will give you the corresponding refund.

NoteSince the some products are hand-made, we admit that there will be at most 5% difference color between the picture we provide and the product you receive.

Faulty, Spoiled or Misshipped Items

You can get a full refund if your items are defective, damaged or mis-shipped when you open the package. If you believe the items were damaged during the delivery, you must obtain a document to prove the damage from your delivery carrier. And please send back the item to us together with this document.

If you want to refund, you need to pay the shipping cost. And when we receive your returned items, we will inspect carefully to make sure whether the defect is our responsibility. We will offer you a complete refund after our confirmation within16 to 20 days. However, if the defect is 10 percent different form what we have mentioned forward, we will only offer you a refund of 30% to 60% of the complete price. Please make sure you are well noted about these.

Color Mismatch

The settings of your computer screen may alter the color of the pictures shown on Jisale. Slight color aberration of your products and the color shown on screen may not mean that the products is defective or mis-shipped. And the pictures in the page are only for reference, the color can not be 100% the same, we can only assure 95% similarity with the models. However, if you are positive that you have received the item in a wrong color, please contact Customer Service to see if a return or refund is possible.

Overdue Products

If the products you order cannot be shipped to you by the time we promise, our customer service will contact you and offer you two options—keeping the order or cancelling your order. If you cancel the order, you can get a full refund, and if you keep the order, you will get a 5% reimbursement after the delivery. 
But please be noted that if the overdue problems are caused by the carrier, the products cannot be refundable or exchangeable.

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